April 2013


H & K Engineering & the 5006EX, Z+F LaserControl

This month we will be shinning the light on H & K Engineering.  H & K Engineering is an engineering company that specializes in various services such as: Technology Enablers, Detailed Engineering Services, Full Service EPCm Capabilites, and of course, Laser Scanning and Model Integration.  H & K Engineering is located in Baton Rouge, LA. For more information and service inquiries check out their website www.hkengr.net .
” Z+F makes the best scanners in world and I have tried all others. They are also the only manufacturer that makes an explosion proof scanner.  The scanner operates and function just as ours. When we have to scan in the types of areas with strict classifications, we need to consider these factors in our estimate. The scanner comes with 3 batteries and a charger that will charge 2 at a time. It takes 3 hours to fully charge a battery. Our next challenge is registration with minimal survey.  Z+F has new registration features in LaserControl (scantra plane to plane registration) that we will be learning and using for post processing. From the demonstrations that I have seen of the software, this should be a new way of doing work for us. ” Dale Wilkins, H & K Engineering