Z+F USA, Inc. is the United States representation of Z+F GmbH Germany. Z+F GmbH, established in Wangen im Allgäu (Germany), is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high quality electronic control equipment.  In 1963, Hans Zoller and Hans Fröhlich, the founders of the company, began manufacturing products originally intended mainly for the automotive industry. As innovation progressed, the company began broadening its products to a wider range.
Z+F GmbH is an industry leader that has a history of developing innovative products. Realizing the need to have a reliable electrical connection for their own control-panel cabinets, Z+F invented the first  insulated wire ferrule. Today, the wire ferrule has become a world-wide electrical connector standard where high electrical reliability and robust mechanical construction is required. After invention of the insulated ferrule, the company understood the need to have equipment that could strip and crimp ferrules onto wires quickly and efficiently. Z+F developed automatic stripping and crimping machines that now lead the industry in speed and reliability.  For more information on Z+F GmbH click here
Having firmly rooted itself in robotics technology, Z+F then developed an optical laser scanning system which could be used by engineers and architects to scan, photograph and measure an area in 3D, to millimeter accuracy in a matter of minutes. This new technology has many industrial applications, involving use in a variety of architectural and engineering disciplines.
Z+F USA, Inc. was founded in 1998 to expand the company’s market and to create a local presence for Z+F customers in the United States.  Z+F USA, Inc. distributes and supports high quality electronic control equipment including; wire ferrules, wire processing machines and 3D Laser Scanners and Software.