Customer Spotlight – 3D Mapping

3D Mapping is a surveying company based in Germany that specializes in kinematic road mapping services.  3D Mapping has  experience with surveying services for:  vehicle driving simulation & driving simulators, race track simulation, race track models, and public roads.  Their mobile survey system, utilizes our Z+F Profiler 9012, which captures 1 million points per second at 1 mm accuracy. 3D Mapping’s profiling system, MoSES III can be mounted on various vehicles, therefore enabling application uses such as: off-road track, special track systems, and helicopters. This profiling platform can be shipped worldwide.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Detail of a Belgian Block Road

For videos, data and more information please contact us at!
3D Mapping’s website:
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Laser Scanning Training

New to laser scanning?  Need to train your surveyors on Z+F scanning equipment?  We offer various types of training  for hardware and software including:  WebEx, training in the Z+F USA office and onsite training.
The training photoed above was done in a Florida shipyard on a rainy day.  Even in those conditions, our Imager 5010C  proved its superiority and produced great data!
Contact Us for more information about training!
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L-Kopia Scanning with Z+F Profiler 9012

L-Kopia does extensive clearance measurement and scanning of railways and tunnels.  Currently, they are undergoing several clearance surveys in Texas, Louisiana, and soon, Arizona.  L-Kopia utilizes our Profiler 9012 on their “Excursion Laser Truck” to preform these scans.
L-Kopia is a Swedish company with an office in Schererville, Indiana. 
L-Kopia & the Profiler 9012


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The Z+F SmartLight is Now Available!


The Z+F SmartLight provides illumination for capturing high quality images in darkness.  The Z+F SmartLight has a working range of 3 – 30 feet. This product is specifically designed for use with the IMAGER 5010C’s i-Cam.
View a screenshot of a scan taken with the SmartLight in complete darkness
Review the data sheet here.




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New for 2014!

At SPAR International, 2014 Z+F introduced several new, exciting products!  These include: a  Thermal CameraUniversal Charging Plate, i-Cam Smart Light, and an add on 3D ScanApp.  
The Thermal Camera enables you to apply infrared technology to your scans.  The camera generates a 360 degree thermal panorama scan in a fully automatic process.
The Smart Light is an external solution for the i-Cam of the IMAGER 5010C.  This light enables you to record color in dark conditions.  The Smart Light is easy to mount and automatically controlled by the scanner.
The Universal Battery Charger allows batteries to now be charge in cars (12/24 V DC) and with standard power supply (100-240 V AC)
The Z+F 3D ScanApp allows remote control of the scanner and the ability to preview scans on a mobile device.
Get more information here.

*Some features are not yet available, for more information contact 412-257-8575

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Virtual Tours

Check out this Virtual Tour from the Canadian Identification Society Annual Education Conference!
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Zoller+Fröhlich 50 Year Anniversary

Z+F GmbH was founded by Hans Zoller and Hans Fröhlich in 1963, in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany.  Over the years, Z+F GmbH has developed into a much larger company with subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom and many resellers worldwide.  On the behalf of Z+F GmbH, Z+F USA would like to thank all of our customers for 50 years of success!
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LFM Server 4.2 Available!

LFM Banner

As 3D laser scanning has become easier and more affordable it has become the technology of choice for ‘as-is’ data capture. LFM Server™ enables users to maximise the value of the rich information that laser scanning generates.
LFM Server is the most advanced solution available for accessing pre-registered laser scan data and working with it directly in 3D CAD systems. It is simple to use and offers unrivalled performance and functionality.
Designed to work with data from even the highest-resolution scanner, LFM Server enables users to work with datasets of unlimited size and exploit photorealistic, 360° BubbleViews™.
Business Benefits
  • Open on the input
    LFM Server can read a wide variety of 3D data capture formats
  • Open on the output
    LFM Server interfaces seamlessly with all leading 3D CAD systems
  • Unlimited Datasets
    InfiniteCore™ technology enables project datasets of unlimited size to be readily created and accessed
  • Increased Productivity
    The intuitive 360° BubbleView makes it easy to verify clashes, review laser scan data, or simply become familiar with the site
  • Clash-free Design
    Accurate, detailed ‘as-is’ information minimises the business risks of revamp projects
  • Business Flexibility
    Import scans from a wide variety of scanner types and data formats into a single dataset
To read about the new LFM Server 4.2’s great features click here
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Fort Conger Preservation & the 5006i


 In 2010, The Arctic Institute of North America and colleagues took upon the task of scanning Fort Conger for the purpose of restoration and documentation.  Fort Conger is located in the arctic region of Canada, and was established in 1881 as an Arctic exploration camp.  Due to the extreme environmental conditions, Fort Conger has a dark, yet scientifically significant past.   The Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of the First International Polar Year scientific initiative was led by First Lieutenant Adolphus Greely and 25 members.  The group was transporting a building to the site, provisions, and scientific equipment meant to last for two years of research. Unfortunately only 6 survived the retreat.  Also, Robert Peary’s attempt to claim the North Pole had utilized the Fort.
The project utilized the Z+F Imager 5006i, phase-based laser scanner.  The Imager 5006i was used to scan terrain and large cultural features such as the Peary huts.  Also, Z+F LaserControl was utilized for registration of the point clouds.  Due to the extreme polar conditions, it was a difficult project, but utilizing 3D laser scanning made the process quick and accurate.  A total area of 34,500 m2 was recorded from 43 different scanner locations.  Scans revealed great details such as staining caused by nails on wallboards in the Perry huts.
Fort Conger is currently at risk due to climate change, weather, wildlife and human activity.  The point clouds will be used to support on-site conservation efforts and will also supplement earlier traditional documentation methods.


The entire published article can be viewed here:  Preservation of Fort Conger
Credit: Peter C. Dawson, University of Calgary
Margaret M. Bertulli, Parks Canada
Richard Levy, University of Calgary
Chris Tucker, SarPoint Group
Lyle Dick, Lyle Dick History and Heritage
Panik Lynn Cousins, Parks Canada



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Customer Spotlight – General Motors

May 2013


  General Motors & the 5010C


The brand new 5010Cs are finally starting to roll out into the United States, and General Motor is one of the first companies to receive this amazing new product.  John Brown, Lead Scanning and 3D Modeling Engineer at General Motors only had great things to say about it!
“In all honesty, I have to say that the 5010c is the best scanner I’ve ever used.  The versatility, speed, data quality, weight, storage…..everything, is just fantastic.”
“My plan moving forward is to replace each of the “other” instruments we have with additional 5010’s.”
John Brown, Lead Scanning and 3D Modeling Engineer, General Motors
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