Z+F Exhibits At Productronica 2011

Z+F displayed the new Crimpforce monitoring CK01.  The crimpforce monitoring CK01                 accommodates to the increasing requirements for quality, reliability,  and verifiability.  These requirements are especially important to the automotive and aeronautical sector.  The CK01 may also be used in other security relevant divisions.  With this new technology, it is now possible to observe the quality of the crimp, force used during crimping, and accurate data recorded during the crimping process.  The software, “crimpforce manager”, is a great tool for visualization, parameterization and documentation of the crimping process from your PC.

Additional products exhibited at productronica were the Crimper-LS, Crimper SC05, and the AM02.

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Z+F Attends InterGeo2011

Z+F USA recently attended InterGeo2011

Z+F exhibited the PROFILER 9000 at  InterGeo 2011. The PROFILER 9000 is the world’s fastest 2D profiling laser measurement system.  Along with the presentation of the PROFILER 9000, Z+F also exhibited the IMAGER 5010 and its latest firmware.  The new firmware allows for several different options.  These options include support setup over a known point, scan orientation using one target, and simultaneous use of 2 USB drives. The new version of LaserControl will provide Cloud to Cloud Registration without the use of targets.

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After three busy days, the 17th INTERGEO drew to a close on September 29th 2011. 16,000 visitors from 80 countries flocked to the fair to find out about the industry’s latest innovations and trends. Once again, there was a rise in the proportion of visitors from outside Germany. During the conference, 1,500 participants used the 140 presentations and discussions on 40 different topics to spark intensive interdisciplinary dialogue.

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PROFILER 9000 Announcement

The PROFILER 9000 is based on the IMAGER 5010 and is the fastest 2D profiling laser measurement system in the world.

With a scan rate of >1 million points per second and maximum scan speed of 200 profiles per sec.; the PROFILER9000  is capable of scanning very short distances between profiles at the fastest of speeds. At the highest point density even the smallest objects can be registered and processed by the software.

Since the new laser measurement system is classified as laser class 1 instrument, the scanner can be used in urban environments without restriction.  A hardware-assisted pixel-by-pixel synchronization, already proven in previous models, makes it possible to process external signals to determine the position of the scan data.

Using industrial connections, GPS, displacement sensors and counters can be attached. The external timing pulses are directly fed into the scan data stream.  Synchronization with a pulse from the scanner can also be managed using one of the connections.  The new 1 Gbit Ethernet interface allows the scan data to be transmitted online to an external PC if a real-time evaluation or visualization of the data is required.

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