Below are PDF’s of each of Z+F USA Machine products: 

AI Series

UNIC Series

SC Series

CR03 Series

AM02-04 Series

AM03 Series


Z+F has provided innovative wire processing technology for more than 25 years. We have extensive experience in several industries- among them: wire-stripping, loose piece contact feeding with vibratory bowls, and reel fed systems. These innovations (combined with our experience in the development and manufacturing of Crimping solutions) result in a wide-range of machines, perfect for small to high volume applications. Z+F wire processing equipment can be found in different markets and applications from industrial, automotive, energy, medical, military and many more. Consider the following examples; our stripping machines from the AI Series have been hugely successful and can be found in industries all over the world. As the leading world-wide manufacturer of Wire Ferrules we offer and also produce equipment to strip and crimp. Our Cutting-edge crimping solutions for hundreds of different machines stand-alone as bench-top solution or as Module integrated in automatic wire processing systems. Z+F machines minimizes the possibility of human error and tooling changes.

With a high reliability and the largest cross-sectional range on the market, these machines provide solutions to your wire-stripping needs. All of the stripping machines in the AI series are driven by an electric motor, and are capable of very precise stripping of various insulated wires.

” Z+F USA Where Tradition Meets Precision.”