Z+F PROFILER 9012                                                                           Z+F PROFILER6007Duo


The Z+F PROFILER 9012 is based on the Z+F IMAGER 5010.

With a scan rate of >1 million points per second and maximum scan speed of 200 profiles per sec.; the Z+F PROFILER9012  is capable of scanning very short distances between profiles at the fast speeds. At the highest point density even the smallest objects can be registered and processed by the software.

Since the new laser measurement system is classified as laser class 1 instrument, the laser scanner can be used in urban environments without restriction.  A hardware-assisted pixel-by-pixel synchronization, already proven in previous models, makes it possible to process external signals to determine the position of the scan data.

Using industrial connections, GPS, displacement sensors and counters can be attached. The external timing pulses are directly fed into the scan data stream.  Synchronization with a pulse from the scanner can also be managed using one of the connections.  The new 1 Gbit Ethernet interface allows the scan data to be transmitted online to an external PC if a real-time evaluation or visualization of the data is required.

For additional information please contact info@zf-usa.com 


The Z+F PROFILER 6007 duo is the perfect tool for high-precision surveying, inspection and analysis of short or long tracks with high resolutions at high velocities.   The Z+F PROFILER6007 duo is specially engineered and optimized for those applications where gathering data quickly and efficiently is necessary.

The two-dimensional data can than be processed into absolute three-dimensional Cartesian coordinates, using data of additional sensors such as GPS or Inertial Navigation Sensors (INS).   This highly accurate information can then be used for additional applications.

For additional information please contact info@zf-usa.com